Jan 28, 2016 – Sometimes you just have to hit Restart!

Sometimes you just have to hit “Restart.”  A predecessor of mine used to say, ” You can start your day over at any time.”  Today was one of those days.  And I need to hit restart rather quickly.

The first hour or so is always a little rushed in the mornings.  The main priority is getting the kids fed and off to school on time.  For some reason, this morning I caught myself being a bit short and quickly agitated.  We weren’t running late; the kids were all in good moods.  We were making good time, and I felt like I had slept okay.  I could not explain it.  I simply seem to be irritated at the little things that usually would not bother me.

After the kids were all taken care of, I went upstairs to the meditation room.  I sat down and began applying the ‘Calm’ oil my wife encouraged me to use.  And prepared myself for my morning meditation.  I glanced out the window for a moment and noticed how it was a bright, beautiful sunny morning.  Something I didn’t see earlier, as I was taking my son to school.  All I noticed then was how cold it was and the frost on my wife’s van windows.  I needed to a Restart!

I sat there for a moment, acknowledging the brightness of the day outside.  The voice of my predecessor in my head telling me, “Just Hit Restart.”  I turned on the traditional ambient music; I quite enjoy Native American Flute.  I had my hematite stone in my left hand and my obsidian stone in my right.  Took my opening three deep breaths and proceeded to do a 10-minute meditation on the First Step’s mantra, “Change begins with Hope.”

That’s all I needed.  I realized that everything that had happened before that moment was in the past.  All I needed to do was Restart my day.  The rest of my morning was like a whole different day.  On my way into the office, I even seem to flow right through morning traffic.  The liberation I felt, the gratitude I have for my predecessors for the simple reminder, that I can, at any time, choose to “Restart” my day!

“Always Aspire to inspire, before we expire.”

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