Don't give up Surrender!

Ready for week two? Find a quite spot, turn off your cell phone. If you have headphones, put them on. (There something about isolating sound that makes it more effective.) Don’t worry about how focused you are, how deep you go or even how quite (or loud) your mind is. Simply sit up straight (or lie down if you prefer) relax and listen. Do your best to do this everyday for a full week.

Step Two states – “Came to believe in a Power Greater then ourselves, that Could restore us to Sanity!”

“If we Hope to have any sincere change, we must learn to Surrender. If we are going to Surrender, we must come to believe in something worth Surrendering to.”

As you go through these meditations, I would love to receive any honest assessments from your experience. I know the benefit I get from these meditations. But I want to hear yours. So connect with us in the comment sections of one of our JnP post, through Facebook, Twitter or contact me directly.

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