Challenge Day 5: What am I Excited About?

“What am I excited about?” Today’s writing prompt. I’m actually excited to answer this question. I am excited about the meditations that I have been working on. When I started, I was only looking to put together a series of meditations in line with my recovery. I have practiced several different systems for meditation. I have found meditation to be invaluable. So, after some realization of my own, I came up with the idea to learn to write my own meditations.

As I began to look at my own personal direction with meditation, I decided to use my experience with the spiritual principles as the basis of my meditations. In the 12th step it states, “Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these step”. I found my spirit waking up yet again and on a much clearer level, as I have worked on the first draft of these meditations. I’m not talking about a religious experience. A “spiritual awaking” is as unique as the person that has it. For it is simply a slow awaking of my true inner self that is more conscious of my connection with those around me and less focused on my self centered ways.

The 12th step goes on to state,”we try to carry this message and practice these principles in all of our affairs”. Now that I have reached this step again, I began looking at how I could share what I am discovering. And how I can change my life to allow more opportunities to share my hopes. My hope is that I have found a way to open myself up, to be more vulnerable and grow in my own spiritual awaking. Finding a way to share my experience is part of the journey. Thanks to the help of those at LYL, I feel I have found it.

“Always aspire to inspire, before we expire”

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