Time to Pick Up the Pieces See what I’ve Gained

This past year has been an inspiring life changing year for me. It was during this past year that this whole ‘Journey in Principles’ idea has begun to take form. Even with more than 13 plus years in 12 Step recovery. I have gained more self-awareness and more direction over this past year.

The changes I have made in the past year have been fruitful. They have consisted of taking on a new physical challenge with my eating and exercise habits. Finding a routine that has been working for me through

both my slow season and my busy season. I learned to step back a little from individual service positions. While still being able to share my experience through speaking engagements. Though I was always of service in some capacity, taking on to many obligations wore me thin and created stress. It made it difficult to stay consistently productive and took time away from other activities. Such as spending time with my family and time with this Journey in Principles.

Through actively committing to reading more and learning more about running this site, I have gained new knowledge and new found motivation for growth. I’ve also learned more humility in sharing my work and asking for help and feedback. I have managed to mark off, at least one item from last years long term goal sheet/vision board. We went completely solar in our home. It may sound silly to have it as a goal on my vision board. It was something my wife and I discussed doing for a few years now, and we finally did. Regardless of what it is, it feels great to be able to mark off anything from my goals. And not because our goals changed but because we completed it.

Yep, this past year was most certainly a year of growth. However, like all the previous years, I did hit a snag. Right around the last quarter of the year, in October to be exact. My day to day job began its typical busy season. Once again, my work here with JnP and the meditations had to go on the back burner. And my time with my family and my club thinned out. The cool part of this was how productive I managed to be this past season.

Even though my work here took a back seat, I had one of the most productive and focused seasons in the past nine years of being with my current company. I also managed to come out of the autumn season, in better shape then I was going in. After all, the only life change I managed to maintain throughout the past few up and down seasons have been my habits and routines pertaining to my own health. Even predominately throughout the holidays. This Holiday season was not quite typical.

Normally there is a final slowdown right at the end of the year. My initial plan was to get back on track with my writing and the development of the meditations. But then the last life-changing event happened four days before Christmas. My dad passed away in his sleep. It was a final challenge to maintain the holiday spirit for my kids, knowing my sister and I would be flying out the day after Christmas to take care of the arrangements and get his affairs in order. An experience I do not wish upon anyone. But the bonding and growth between my sister and I, an experience that well deserves its own article, will be what I choose to take away from the moment.

Being a piece of the puzzle
We each hold a piece of the puzzle; it’s up to us to figure out how they go together!

Now a month into the New Year and I know I need to get back to work on this Journey. It is time to go back over all the progress made this past year. Decipher were I left off and Pick Up the Pieces, re-commit and re-energize me in this evolution into the Journey in Principles. And even though Spring marks the first of my current industries busy seasons, it is time to continue to piece the puzzle together. Complete the first series of meditations, inspire others to Journey in Principles and maybe, just maybe, this year will be the year that leads me to complete self-liberation and a whole new view on the journey.

“Always Aspire to inspire, before we expire!”

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