Welcome to A Journey in Principles

A Journey in Principles (JnP) is about inspiring an ‘Evolution’ in the way we experience our world.

Hi, My name is Paul David. I am a biker who meditates, a husband that still makes mistakes, a dad concerned with the future and a recovering drug addict/alcoholic that continues to strive for a deeper ‘Awakening’ and ‘Understanding of Life.’ (Read my story) I know what it’s like to watch my kids grow up and my parents grow old while reflecting back on my ‘wilder days’ and wonder ‘what’s next?’ To become aware of how differently we must raise our kids today compared to how we were raised. To slowly lose family and friends to time and tragedy. To feel lost or indifferent to the current issues of today. Questioning my place in Life as I get up, go to work, commute home, just to do it all over again tomorrow. And I know what it’s like to have survived an immoral, unethical drug induced/alcoholic life. Return to recovery and sobriety and ‘Feel’ again! To know both Gain and Loss, Joy and Sorrow, Serenity and Anxiety. I know what it’s like to Regret the past, Fear the future and Forget about today.

And Today, I know a different way to Live.

We are at a point in time where it is paramount for us to find a way to relate to each other. Not through morals, ethics, or values. But on a universal platform or understanding. Where morals may clash, ethics may disagree, values may not equal up. There are Universal Principles that when applied, are never in conflict. We Can:
  • Start each day with a smile and ending each day with NO Regrets!
  • Be consistently comfortable in our own skins.
  • Live Life authentically, being true to each other by being true to ourselves.
  • Live a Life that is no longer obsessed with ’Finding one’s purpose.’
  • Simply know that we have a place and purpose and that is enough.
  • Find Unity with the World, without uniformity.
  • Have a Life driven by core, universal, Spiritual Principles.
Principles such as; Hope, Surrender, Acceptance, Honesty, Open-Mindedness, Willingness, Faith, Tolerance, Patience, Humility, Unconditional Love, Sharing and Caring.

“For true change to be possible, we must have Hope.”

Living by subjective morals and ethics creates a separation in humanity. If we can learn to live by basic principles that are both universal and unbiased, we can ignite the change that will allow the world to be unified in existence, rather than separated by beliefs. JnP is about my journey through meditations, active participation in exercises and building a community that can share and grow together. It is my way of sharing a path I am on. As I grow, raise a family, let go of grief, face mortality and begin to embrace an authentic life I have found. The practice and application of these 12 core Spiritual Principles have helped to ignite an awakening of spirit in the lives of countless generations, for over eight decades.

“Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good.” – Buddha

A Journey in Principles is an open slate. It is awaiting your inspiration towards change and balance. I am but a single drop in the bucket of change. Filling that bucket is not something I can do alone. But it is something we can do together.  
Are you Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired? Join US! and find a new way to Live!