If you want to empty a cup, you have to pour it out.

If you want to empty a cup, you have to pour it out. If we’re going to empty our minds, we must allow our thoughts to pour out. Until nothing else is left but the quiet that is already there. Ultimately this means that we are learning to be receptive, and listening, just listening.

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Meditation is a big part of my life today. I have meditations on my phone that I use regularly. If I’m running late, which I do a lot of times in the summertime, I’ve got a meditation on my phone to help me focus on breathing.

Because how we breathe controls our levels of stress.

If my anxiety starts to build up from running behind, my breathing becomes short and rapid. So, if I can slow my breathing down and focus on a slow deep breath, my anxiety (and my anger) subsides.

And on the better days when I have that 16 to 20 minutes available, I use the JnP meditations. The same meditations, specifically designed around the 12 spiritual principles, that started this journey.

Getting out of that self-centered thinking that I’m God.

Or that I am powerful enough to affect you when I’m not. Meditation is vital to my life today. I remember a time when I thought meditation was all about sitting, what my kids call,”cruise cross applesauce” or whatever they call it nowadays. With my fingers and thumbs touching on my knees and going, “ohm.” But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Meditation can be as simple as just sitting quietly long enough to hear a bird sing or to hear a child say something profound that I’ve never heard before.

My first introduction to meditation was years ago at Lake Whitney at a place called the Chapel of Light. It was an octagon building. In the center was a fiberoptic fountain. We all laid on the floor and listened to either a guided meditation or soft flute music through the cassette player.

And that’s how I got introduced to meditation.

I used to get irritated every time we’d go to meditate there because lo and behold; someone would end up snoring before it was over. But then I learned how to listen, past the snoring. If I’m praying, I’m active, and I’m actively talking to the Devine Consciousness/Higher Power. If I’m meditating, then I’m passive, and I’m trying to listen to my Higher Power. It’s not about quieting the mind; it’s about letting the mind loose so that I can hear my higher power.

Today, I’m not afraid of my consciousness.

I’m most afraid of my ego because my ego is what keeps me sick. Meditation helps me get out of that ego.

“Always aspire to inspire before we expire!”​

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