Diversity is needed but it’s not new.

In today’s climate, the words diversity and inclusion are quickly becoming commonplace. Today’s prominent companies are actively seeking diversity in the workplace. 

Applying Tradition One to everyday life. Our common Welfare first.

12 Step recovery fellowships have been implementing a path to awareness, acceptance, and action towards a diverse culture for decades. Along with the 12 Steps, there are the not so popular 12 Traditions. But without them, none of the 12 Step Programs would be around what they are today.

The Traditions are the active part of “applying principles in All of our affairs.”

They protect the members, groups, and entire fellowship from both outside strifes, and more importantly, the internal conflict of the member’s egos, biases, and insecurities.

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I lost my Humility and clean time to my Ego.

Someone posted on Facebook the other day this question, “what were you known for, in high school?” I very rarely answer any of this kind of crap on Facebook. I don’t do the chain stuff. But, I answered this one. The reason why was probably a little ego-driven. Because what was I known for was long hair and 12 step recovery.

It was in high school when I first got put into the hospital for my addiction. 

When I first got out of treatment and went back to high school. There was A youth recovery group called R.A.F.T. Right Alternatives For Teens. R.A.F.T. was a support group in my local school district. The founder of the group, an art teacher, quickly approached me about joining R.A.F.T.

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If you want to empty a cup, you have to pour it out.

If you want to empty a cup, you have to pour it out. If we’re going to empty our minds, we must allow our thoughts to pour out. Until nothing else is left but the quiet that is already there. Ultimately this means that we are learning to be receptive, and listening, just listening.

If all we do is pray to our Higher Power, then we're only having is a one-way conversation. Click To Tweet

Meditation is a big part of my life today. I have meditations on my phone that I use regularly. If I’m running late, which I do a lot of times in the summertime, I’ve got a meditation on my phone to help me focus on breathing.

Because how we breathe controls our levels of stress.

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