Diversity is needed but it’s not new.

In today’s climate, the words diversity and inclusion are quickly becoming commonplace. Today’s prominent companies are actively seeking diversity in the workplace. 

Applying Tradition One to everyday life. Our common Welfare first.

12 Step recovery fellowships have been implementing a path to awareness, acceptance, and action towards a diverse culture for decades. Along with the 12 Steps, there are the not so popular 12 Traditions. But without them, none of the 12 Step Programs would be around what they are today.

The Traditions are the active part of “applying principles in All of our affairs.”

They protect the members, groups, and entire fellowship from both outside strifes, and more importantly, the internal conflict of the member’s egos, biases, and insecurities.

Starting from the very first Tradition, the diversity of the members are not only protected but encouraged. One way the first Tradition can be stated in a cultural setting;

Our common welfare must come first; personal liberation depends upon civil Unity. Click To Tweet

This Tradition directs us to put the common welfare of the group, family, community, or team as a primary focus. It explains how each individual’s gain or well-being depends on the Unity or connection with those around them.

If we look at a giant jigsaw puzzle, each piece is unique, both in shape and its surface image.

No matter how similar the puzzle pieces may seem, they are each different in some way. And each piece of the puzzle has a place. The entire purpose of the puzzle is to take ALL the various pieces and figure out where each one belongs. Only when ALL the pieces are correctly connected is the overall picture revealed.

Each one of us is a unique piece to a puzzle. Each area of our life can be look at as a slightly different puzzle. And in each of the puzzles, we find ourselves a part too; our purpose is to discover how we fit. 

When we learn to see each other like pieces of the same puzzle, we can begin to recognize the welfare we ALL share. And we begin to realize how our differences connect us, the diversity that Unites us. 

“Aspire to inspire, before we expire!”

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