A Work in Progress

Work for progress
We are only a work in progress if we are doing the work to progress.

“I’m a work in progress.”
This is such a common phrase these days. You’ve probably even said it yourself a few times. I know I’ve used it before. Usually after having made some error of some sort. This statement may be meant to be utilized in a humbling and honest manner. But it is important to recognize how easily this phrase can be used as an excuse or cop-out.

We are all a work in progress. But, it is important to understand the difference between using such phrases as a crutch. Becoming complacent and giving into or making excuses for our imperfections. Or being able to accept our own shortcomings and strive to learn from them. Becoming a better version of ourselves in the process.

When we take an honest look at ourselves, we realize that it is more accurately our Life, that is the work in progress. What we do with our life, how we face life, how we respond to life. It’s all a work in progress. If it weren’t, we would not have any direction, just momentum. It’s looking forward to the progress that makes it worth all the work.

“Making me into a role model is placing too much importance on what I see as a work in progress.” – PJ Harvey

We can warn others, not to make us a ‘Role Model.’ But, bottom line, we are an example to the world around us. What kind of example ultimately is up to us.

Whether I like it or not, I am a role model to my kids. What kind of person they become does have some relation to what kind of person I am. It is important for me to show them humility. And demonstrate that we are all, as is life itself, a work in progress. It is just as important to show that it is the progress that is important. That each day we should strive to be better than we were the previous. That knowing that we are a work in progress may keep us humble. But it does not excuse us from taking responsibility for our failings.

“All creativity is a work in progress.” – Dean Cavanagh

It is our Life that is honestly the work in progress. How we choose to wake up and face each day should be a conscience decision. Facing each day with the Hope that it will be better than the previous, puts our life on a road of continuous evolution. And Honestly, we are only a work in progress if we are doing the work to progress.

“Always Aspire to inspire, before we expire!”

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