Where has all the time gone?

Some would be overwhelmed by the waterfall; others would be overwhelmed with the EXPERIENCE!

There are times in life when we feel overwhelmed by all the things we need to accomplish. For some of us, this can be a daily norm. And it very well may be true. We have to mow the lawn, clear away all the dead branches. Pick up kids from school. Take them to their after school activities, be it karate, Scouts, dance, etc. Repairing damage to your website after a mishap that cost you two months worth of work. There is always something in front of us that requires our attention.

Housework is the type of work that no one notices unless it’s not done.

It seems that there is a genuine paradox to living Life fully and with balance. Either we spend all our free time glued to video games, our computers, cell phones or televisions, that one day we look back on Life and say, “where has all the time gone?” We feel as if we have accomplished little to nothing in our lives.

At which point we either sink deeper into our comfy chair and possibly deeper into depression. OR, we make a conscience decision to be an active part in changing our ideas, our attitudes, most importantly our actions.

On the other end of the scale, we might be so focused and overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that lie before us. We feel paralyzed, worn down, frustrated and even angry (the outward expression of a Fear of not being good enough or Fear of being judged).

Being in this situation, many of will find ourselves feeling as if we have gained nothing in Life. No matter how busy and productive we have to try to be, we still don’t see anything, but all the things still left undone. And at the end of the day, we still look back and think, “where has all the time gone?”

For those of us in this 2nd category, it is imperative for us to learn to stop and take a moment. It is important to look and plan ahead, to stay aware of what lies before us. But it is just as important for us to recognize and acknowledge all that we do accomplish in a day.

“Life is not what you make of it; it’s what you SHARE of it!”

Always going to bed thinking solely about what we didn’t get finished, makes for a horrible night sleep. Leaving us as tired the next morning as we felt when we laid down. It also starts our day with the same feeling of overwhelm we previously ended with the night before.

Instead, be aware of what still needs to be done. But take your moment to acknowledge all that you did accomplish throughout your day. End your day focusing more on what was completed and go to bed with the feeling of accomplishment. Wake up the next morning more rested and with the motivation to arise to the challenges of a new day. Knowing how good it’s going to feel tonight when you look back upon your this day and say, “I Did That!”

“Always Aspire to inspire, before we expire!”


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