Challenge Day 2: Anger is Fear

So, for anyone that might happen across this blog, I have taken on this daily writing challenge.  I do eventually plan on writing about my continued journey through the steps and traditions as I work on my personal meditations.  But, to aid in building the habit and stepping out of my comfort zone, I have committed myself to completing the Blog Challenge put forth by Live your Legend. 

Today’s writing prompt is “What really makes you angry about the world?”  Well, I immediate thought of ‘Fear”!  You see I was taught a long time ago, ‘Anger can only exist through Fear’.  An old mentor/sponsor of mine use to always say, ‘It is a lot easier to stomp into the room and swear that I’m angry as %&*$!  Then it is for me to walk in and admit that I’m scared’.

So what does this have to do with being angry about the  world?  If I am angry about anything in the world, it is based in Fear.  I’m not angry about poverty, I’m fearful of it.  Of how it affects others and if it affects others it does affect me.  I’m not angry at politics, I’m fearful of how we allow politics and the lack of current ability to change it.  I’m not angry at terrorism, I’m fearful of it.  Not just in the what ifs it happened to me or mine.  But, in how it has senselessly stolen the resources and focus away from so many other areas.

Though, when you get right down to it; I am afraid, most of all, the world’s en-ability to find the balance in how we handle our fears.  Anger is but one way we have to face our fears.  The other is Faith.  And I’m not talking about Faith in any specific religious belief.  I’m talking Faith in the world, in humanity, in each other.  But it will take both Faith and Anger to change the current directions.  We must learn when to harness that anger and when to activate our faith.  So my greatest fear for the world or what makes me the most agitated? That Humanity acts more on self-centered Fear, rather than on the desire for humanities well-being.

“Always aspire to inspire, before we expire”

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