Challenge Day 3: What do you love helping people with?

Today’s challenge topic is, “What do you love helping people with,” or “What would you be happy and excited to help others with even if you didn’t get paid?”  These questions are the exact questions which lead me to start working on a personal project.  And is what I believe has led me to this challenge.

I feel most like myself when I’m speaking to a group about my experience and understanding of the spiritual principles I try to practice in my life.  When I get the opportunity to work with someone on how they can find their own path.  It is always when I get these opportunities, that I find others thanking me for what I share or wanting to go into deeper conversations over how I found my understanding.   I would love to share my time helping others find the type of connection or understanding I have with the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of the various recovery programs.

“Always aspire to inspire, before we expire”

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