Are Morals and Values flawed?

Blackened path leading to a reflected light!

To Live strictly by Morals and Values is to Live a flawed Life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s  good to have Morals and Values. But, we tend to believe there is some great Moral code, which is universal and applies to everyone. The problem with this is not everyone shares the same Morals and Values. They are relative terms, decided by the common beliefs which are native to the region or society we were raised around.

We are taught our Morals and gain our Values from the decisions we make. We can choose to change our Morals and our Values. Sometimes, it is a simple act that we experience or witness that changes them. Sometimes, it’s influenced by those around us. If we change who we associate with, we will eventually change our Morals and Values to fit in with those around us.  After all, “water always seeks its own level”.

For most of us, we have spent our entire lives learning to seek the world’s approval. We try to make a place for ourselves.  We are conditioned to follow the ebb and flow, agreeing with the popular morals or ideas of the time. We are in a day and age of self-centeredness. We can completely isolate ourselves from the outside world. And what interaction we do have with each other has become so sterile that we no longer find it necessary to look each other in the eyes. We can live a complete fantasy life and convince ourselves that this is a healthy way to escape. It has become simple to walk through life, asleep, not really aware of the incredible miracles of our own existence.

I am choosing to wake up from this impersonal slumber. To learn to reawaken to the world around me. I am realizing the flaws in my perceptions and choosing to change my focus from subjective Morals and Values and learn to be more aware of undeniable, Spiritual (Universal) Principles. Principles that we were all told we should do, but few of us were taught how. Principles that exist in all cultures and when applied, are never in conflict. They might hurt, but they will never harm. Principles, that if you choose to follow this Journey with me, I Hope to become clear and inspire a paradigm shift from the focus from Moral actions to one of Principled Living.

“Always aspire to inspire before we expire!”

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