Jan 20, 2016 – Stay the Course!

Stay the Course
Stay the Course, Its not the destination but the journey that counts!

“Stay the Course.” This realization is how I’m starting my day. This simple movie line – The Patriot – has penetrated my mind and made me become aware of one simple truth. I’ve wondered off my path!

Today started normal enough. My alarm went off and I finally got up about 15 minutes later. I threw on my sweats, went downstairs, made my morning travel cup of ‘Joe’ (coffee) and drove my son to school. He has to be there 30 minutes earlier then my girls, he is one of the older kids that help the younger ones out of their cars and to their class. When I arrive back home, I tell my girls, “hurry up and get dressed, you should be sitting down and eating by now!” I go upstairs to start getting ready for work, as my wife journeys downstairs to take over getting the girls ready. “Tag Your It!”

I sit down for a few moments,  while drinking my coffee, and check Facebook for the status of my brothers who are traveling to club rally. (One I am unable to attend due to work conflicts.) One of the notifications was for a post in a Live Your Legend group. It was by one of the early members of LYL. (To read one of her articles, click How to find your unique personal style.)

She talked about her early struggles with writing consistently. How she would go months at a time without posting a single blog. How she had re-branded her blog more than once. Every word she was sharing resonated with me. She was describing exactly what I have dealt with since I started blogging.

Then she started talking about how she found her “Authentic Voice”. How she stuck to it, no matter how long of a time gap was between her post, she stayed the course. She continued to work on writing weekly, no matter how much she struggled to find her flow or come up with ideas.

Her post was exactly what I needed to hear/read. It’s funny how we hear exactly what we need when we need it. The main purpose for this particular blog was to record my journey as I write and design a principled based meditation series. A personal project I started almost two years ago and through encouragement from LYL and close friends, realized that these meditations and sharing my understanding of Living by Spiritual Principles is my passion.

Each meditation is being designed to bring awareness and application of a specific Spiritual/Universal Principle. The first of which is – Hope! Hope is exactly what I read in her post. I realized I have tried to hard to write inspiring, enlivening articles. Instead, I should be sticking to the original plan and simply journal. Record my day-to-day journey as I work on my meditations and share any awakenings and/or developments of understanding on a shift of subjective thinking based living, to a Life focused on applying 12 simple, yet universal, Spiritual Principles.

So that’s it! From here forward I am going to keep a journal here, documenting my work on the meditations. I will set a goal of posting one main article, outside of my journal. Which I Hope will detail part of my journey and be a precursor to the meditations themselves. If I seem to be venturing away from my focus and off the path again, I Hope you will let me know.

“Always aspire to inspire, before we expire”

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