When You Look in the Mirror, What Do You See?

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Man in the mirror


“When you get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day Just go to the mirror and look at yourself And see what that man has to say.”


As I look back at my own Journey, I find myself reflecting on two reoccurring questions.
(Please pick one and answer it in the comments section below)

1. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?


2. When you lay down at night, what keeps you awake?

**Important note: Feel free to stop here and go directly to the comments section below and answer one (both if you so desire) of the questions.

If you’re not one to post comments, I urge you, if you only comment on one post, please make it this one. If you only share one post, share this one. Keep it as short as you like, but be specific. And if it makes you more comfortable, leave it under a fake name. Either way, the results may surprise you. You never know who you might help with your honest answers.

Trying to “Keep it Real.”

Keeping this Journey as authentic as possible is one of my primary goals. In this endeavor, I must learn to honestly share as I trudge through the Journey in Principles on a personal level. And though I am here to share and keep myself accountable for my own change in Life and in Spirit, my purpose for starting JnP was to help you find your own Spiritual Awakening. (What ever that may mean for you.)

Everything I write is from my own experience, strength, and Hope. I am no longer quietly developing a personal series of meditations and exercises for my own personal use. I have reached out for help to make this Journey in Principles complete and as wholesome with outward purpose.

Now I’m reaching out to you.

Here is your chance to share and influence the evolution and further development of JnP.

Again, Here are the questions:

1. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?


2. When you lay down at night, what keeps you awake?

To get us started, here were my answers:

“At one time, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror at all. If I tried all I saw was an aging man I no longer recognized. I saw myself as someone who had lost my once inspiring internal spark. I saw someone who went from sharing Hope, Tolerance, and Humility to an Angry, In-Tolerant, Erogant and Resentful individual.

I’d lie awake at night, regretting my days because of how I reacted to the world. Pushing away my wife, my kids, my friends, those closest to me. And no matter how much I wanted to be different the next day, I would find myself repeating the same actions. Trying to start out positive just to be triggered by world events, spoken words or even just an inattentive driver on the road, acting out once again in Anger and Resentment. Insuring another sleepless night of regrets.”

These were my answers back when I realized something had to change. Maybe you can relate, maybe not. Either way, for me, it was time.

We are human, if we want Change in the world, we must have Change within ourselves. To have Change within ourselves, we must be willing to be a little vulnerable.

Now it’s Your Turn.

“Life is not what you make of it; It’s what you share of it.”

I am sincerely looking forward to hearing your thoughts. And don’t forget to share it.

“Always Aspire to Inspire before we expire!”

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4 thoughts on “When You Look in the Mirror, What Do You See?”

  1. 1. someone doing the best he can ,and a person with an open mind
    2. My discovery that while I may not be harming others, some of my self-centered actions based in fear do harm me and stagnate my growth in this world.

  2. Q1. When I look in the mirror what do I see ?. I see a strong, kind, loving child of God that has lived a life of loss and struggles that finds a way to walk through all his troubles.

    Q2. What keeps me awake at night?.
    Well, the memories of a life with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met inside and out.the loneliness and the tears that’s what keeps me awake at night.

    1. I believe that’s what most of us Hope to see in the mirror. The loss is always lonely, I know the memories might be keeping you up, but I’m grateful that those memories are of the beauty and specialness, not of bitterness. Hang in there brother and thank you for sharing this. LL&R

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