Are you an ‘I Can’t’ or an ‘I Can’?

There are those who look for all the reasons why they Can’t. And there are those who look for ways to say ‘Yes we Can.’ I know for myself I spent many years being one of those who looked at all the reasons to say ‘No I Can’t do this.’

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” – Henry Ford

If we continuously look for all the reasons that we can’t do something, all we will ever see in life are the obstacles. Living this way is a very pessimistic outlook and always seeing the obstacles, drains us of our energy. It zaps all our motivation. To be in a constant, ‘I Can’t’ mindset limits us in Life and leads us to depression and lack of self-worth.

“The Principle of Surrender liberates us from the outcome and allows us to focus on the action.”

Learning to let go of the fear of the outcome means we surrender our control. We surrender the results and focus only on our actions. When we learn to adapt Unconditional Surrender to our Life, we are not giving up. Nor are we giving in. We are simply learning to surrender all the obstacles that seem to lie in front of us and look for ways to say, ‘Yes’ anyway. Leaving the outcome up to Hope and Faith.

“You have to treat each day like it is a Lifetime” – Steph Crowder

Today I actively work towards being someone that looks for ways to say ‘Yes we Can.’ If we learn to surrender all those thoughts as to why ‘we Can’t.’ When we learn to surrender the outcome of our actions and focus on what we Can not on what we Can’t do, we get the feeling of accomplishment regardless of the outcome.

“When we look for ways to say, ‘Yes we Can’ we are choosing to be an active participant instead of just a bystander.”

When we say ‘Yes’ to ourselves, it feels better than saying ‘No’. It feeds our minds and our self-worth with positive affirmations. And strengthens the Hope of possibilities. Saying ‘Yes’ allows us to treat each moment as an experience and each experience as a lifetime unto itself.

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