Jan 26, 2016 – It’s Okay!

Today I am reminded, “It’s Okay!” This morning was much like every other morning. Wake up, lie in bed until the last possible minute. Get up shower, take my son to school.  Come back – finally, fix my morning cup of coffee – get the younger two girls ready.  Of course, this morning I walk in, and they’re trying to clean up a good amount of milk spilled on the table.  I take over the clean up and try to direct them back to finishing their breakfast and getting ready.  My wife comes downstairs, and now we’re both trying to hurry them to get ready.  We finish our morning routine; they hurry out the door.

I take my coffee and move upstairs to finish getting ready.  I’m only running about 5 minutes behind schedule at this point.  I go into the meditation room and try to quiet my mind as I prepare to meditate.  As I’m sitting there listening to the sounds and try to visualize my numbers, I can’t help but notice a slight itch on my right shoulder.  I calmly take care of the itch and try to go back to focusing on my breathing.  As I’m sitting there, I notice I have not started my mantra.  “Hope Inspires Change.” I quietly begin to chant to myself.  I’m still not feeling the becalming feeling I usually experience.  My thoughts wonder, every once in a while, I notice I need to breathe.  I am so aware of my lack of focus; I begin to focus more on the fact that I’m not focusing. The paradox of the day started.  Then it hits me.  One simple thought.  “It’s Okay!”

I remember, not too long ago when I was struggling to make meditation a daily habit.  I would get agitated if I were interrupted.  If there was some annoying sound or if I simply was having a hard time maintaining my focus.  Of course, then I would always look to an outside excuse for my ‘failed’ session.  What a complete waste of time, I felt back then.  I would come out of my sessions feeling more aggression than I did when I went into them.

How much my meditation has grown.  Today I realize just how “Okay” it is.  There will be times when my focus will be off. “It’s Okay!” Times when I just do not seem to be able to get comfortable. “It’s Okay!” There will be a time when it seems that everything I try, does not work. “It’s Okay!” There will be times when the kids seem to be in their bubble and nothing I say is going to penetrate that bubble easily. “It’s Okay!”  Bottom line, no matter what I’m going through, no matter what is bothering me or even how I’m feeling.  “IT’S OKAY!”

“Always Aspire to inspire, before we expire.”

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