Jan 25, 2016 – What kind of day are you going to have? It’s your choice!

Your Day is Your Choice!
Your Day is Your Choice!

“What kind of day are you going to have?” That is the question I ask my kids every morning as they leave for school. Their reply, “a better day than yesterday.” My youngest then says,”but not as good as tomorrow!” Always with her heart melting little smile. Finally, I’ll ask, “whose choice is it?” “It’s my choice!”, They will each reply.  Some days, with more enthusiasm than other. I will then end this morning ritual with, “Make the right choices!”.

This is our normal routine in the morning. Today was not any different. After the kids, all leave for school; it’s my turn to finish getting ready to go to the office. I continue to drink my morning coffee. Finish getting dress. Go into the meditation room and sit quietly for 5 to 15 min, depending on how much time I have. Then head downstairs, pack my lunch and my on the go breakfast. And head out the door, usually about 10 min later than I should. This morning not much different, except the slight feeling that I’m not doing enough.

Monday mornings seem to be the worst. I have all these thoughts of what I should be writing down. They’re coming to me as I’m getting the kids ready, getting myself ready. I’m involuntarily reflecting back over the weekend. Thinking more about what I wanted to get done and didn’t, then what I did. Thinking of the next several steps of what I need to do to produce the meditations. And already beginning to dwell on all the things I projected to myself, that I would have to do, once I make to the office.

Writing this journal is what is important. It does not mean I have to write daily. Writing daily, or writing regularly, either way, it’s a goal, not a requirement. The object of my passion with this is not perfection.  It’s not about suddenly become anything specific. It’s about growing into a better version of me. And possibly, eventually inspiring others to find a better version of themselves.

Today’s start is a reminder to listen to what I share with my kids and what they share with me. It’s about remembering that I may be powerless over what has already happened. I’m not over what I do next. So, to practice what I preach, I must choose to be, “Better than I was yesterday, Hopefully not as good as I will be tomorrow!” It’s My Choice!

“Always Aspire to inspire, before we expire.”

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