Challenge Day 4: What am I most proud of?

This challenge is actually quite difficult for me. I have had to put some thought into this. I usually do not do much looking back and though I do appreciate praise when I get it, I’m mostly uncomfortable receiving it. I mainly experience pride through my kids and their accomplishments.

But as I think more  about what I have personally accomplished, the more I realize, I am most proud of what I have accomplished through my recovery from addiction. I am simply proud of the life I have gained since I began my recovery journey. How I have not only re-established myself in an industry I was once removed from, but to have the opportunity and regain the respect to be come a successful full-time, salary based production manager. To have loss the first several years of my oldest child’s life, and loss of my first marriage. To having the beautiful, young wife and three wonderful kids that has never known me to be under the influence of any chemicals.

Most of all, I think I feel the most proud when I get the opportunities to share my experience with other who are struggling and I get to see them go from hopeless to hopeful. There is nothing like the feeling of having someone come up to you and say,”I heard you share a while back. I was new and really had no idea if I could do this. Then for some reason, after I heard you share, I kept having your voice in my head and it gave me hope. Thanks to you I just celebrated my sobriety/clean time.”

That is why I’m doing this challenge. That is why I’m creating my meditation series. That is why I’m wanting to journal my experiences. Life is not what you make of it, It is what you share of it!

“Always aspire to inspire, before we expire”

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