Personal Power Through Powerlessness…

We find personal power in letting go of what we are powerless over.

When we start looking at all that is around us, we begin to realize how little power we have over external events. By realizing this, we make room to focus on what we do have power over- Our Selves. This isn’t a new concept or idea. Many wise and influential individuals have been trying to get this point across for years. One such example is Mahatma Gandhi – “As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.”

Be the change you wish to see in the world and the world we see the change in you!

How do we learn to be the “change we want to see”?

First we must realize how much of our energy we focus on things that we are simply powerless over. Like many people, I have gone through my moments of letting the world influence how I felt, how I functioned. Even today, if I do not vigilantly maintain my focus on the Core Principles, I could easily become fundamentally annoyed at the events in the world. Arguments made public by those looking to gain support and endorsements of their agenda, whether right or wrong. We are simply surrounded by problems without little effort for finding or implementing solutions.

Why? Because controversy is more entertaining?

Maybe. And maybe, it is easier to try to convince others to sign off on our agenda, then to look at our self honestly and sincerely. If we continue to focus on everything that we feel is wrong with the world around us, we will continue to fuel the problem. If we can learn to seek the simple (usually small) solution within our own life, we will begin to feed the Hope that we need to see the world differently.

I can do more good to stop injustice, by looking at my actions and being active in the way I live. In other words, if I continue to focus on what I believe everyone else is doing wrong, then my personal life will suffer. I will exert so much energy in trying to show your mistakes, that my own life will fall behind, becoming unmanageable.

But, when I let go of trying to control beyond my own actions. When I release the need to lash out in anger or frustration at events already past and well out of my ability to change. I can turn my focus inward. Look openly at what I can change. Focus my energy on the changes I want in my life. And by doing so, I let go of the unmanageable of the world. And begin to attract others around me, into being their own change.

When we learn to admit our own powerlessness over others, we gain personal power over ourselves. When we find our personal power, we become the change, then our world changes with us.

“May today be better than yesterday and even better tomorrow.”


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