Challenge Day 5: What am I Excited About?

“What am I excited about?” Today’s writing prompt. I’m actually excited to answer this question. I am excited about the meditations that I have been working on. When I started, I was only looking to put together a series of meditations in line with my recovery. I have practiced several different systems for meditation. I have found meditation to be invaluable. So, after some realization of my own, I came up with the idea to learn to write my own meditations.

As I began to look at my own personal direction with meditation, I decided to use my experience with the spiritual principles as the basis of my Continue reading “Challenge Day 5: What am I Excited About?”

Challenge Day 4: What am I most proud of?

This challenge is actually quite difficult for me. I have had to put some thought into this. I usually do not do much looking back and though I do appreciate praise when I get it, I’m mostly uncomfortable receiving it. I mainly experience pride through my kids and their accomplishments.

But as I think more  about what I have personally accomplished, the more I realize, I am most proud of what I have accomplished through my recovery from addiction. I am simply proud of the life I have gained since I began my recovery journey. How I have not only re-established myself in Continue reading “Challenge Day 4: What am I most proud of?”

Challenge Day 3: What do you love helping people with?

Today’s challenge topic is, “What do you love helping people with,” or “What would you be happy and excited to help others with even if you didn’t get paid?”  These questions are the exact questions which lead me to start working on a personal project.  And is what I believe has led me to this challenge.

Continue reading “Challenge Day 3: What do you love helping people with?”