How I found purpose through Regret – part 3

Having recognized both our shared dream as well as our shared skepticism, we have to have a plan in place—a plan to feed our goals, not our doubts.

Here are 12 Steps we are using to ignite the Principles to define the Journey in this shared area of our lives.

Cliche image but is my wife's and my hands together creating a heart with the sun-shining through.
  • 1) We find Hope in our common goal. When we admit that we are powerless over our past, we nurture our shared Hope by recognizing that our future together depends on our Unity together.
  • 2) We learn to Surrender our individual, “in the moment,” thoughts of insanity. We acknowledge that our shared expressions – combined conscientiousness – is greater than our individual thoughts. As a couple, we are restored to Sanity as we make better decisions together.
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How I found purpose through Regret – part 2

So here is how our future together looks. We find a beautiful 3 to 4 bedroom house or condo in Port Aransas, TX. Big enough for a family vacation but small enough to make it easily rentable. 

We will name it my wife’s “Happy Place.”

First plaque bought for future beach house

It will have to have a balcony off the Master bedroom with a direct view of the gulf. Being able to hear the waves crash against the sand, as we sleep, is a must. 

Our second goal will be my “Happy Place.”

Next, we will work towards purchasing a modest cabin or house somewhere close to the ‘Garden of the Gods’ in Colorado. Again, big enough for a family vacation yet small enough to make it easily affordable to rent. 

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How I found purpose through Regret – part 1

The kids’ regretted that we had to return home. 

And so did I. My family and I just came back from a beautiful trip for our 11th anniversary. My wife always wanted a beach wedding. The best I could do when we first got married was a park overlooking a small local lake. 

So, for our momentous 10th Anniversary, I surprised her with a full-on beach wedding/vow renewal. I found a magnificent beach house, directly overlooking the Gulf from the master bedroom. 

I had never really spent any real-time on the beach. 

I’m more of a cold mountain type. And I never really saw myself as a fan of the beach. I always thought that it would be too hot and crowded for my liking. But our Anniversary is right at the beginning of March. And I found my joy of the place through the cool ocean breeze and the live sound of the crashing waves upon the sand.

Though my first time in Port Aransas was a bit hectic, with family and friends filling up the house and the time, and, of course, the activities of organizing and participating in a formal vowel renewal, falling to sleep at night, to the fresh ocean air and soothing waves, with my wife snuggled up to me, quickly became my “Happy Place.”

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