Feb 5th – Change begins with Hope!

It’s been a week since I’ve written anything.  I sat down a few times and tried to force myself to write.  There have been several occasions I had, what I thought were some great thoughts come into my head.  While I was in the shower getting ready. During my drive to or from the office.  Even in the evening as I went through the nightly routine of helping to get the kids in bed.

When I finally sat down and tried picking one of those thoughts, I had saved in my notes app and attempted to journal; I struggled to make it past the first couple of sentences.

My writing was not the only area that lagged.  My entire week seemed to lack focus.  It’s not to say that this week was a complete loss or that I accomplished nothing.  I managed to stay on track with most of my upcoming projects at the office.  But, as I’m sitting here writing and looking back over my week, I noticed something.  I did not do my weekly planning at the beginning of the week.  I completely skipped sitting down and going over what I needed and wanted to accomplish this week.

Now, I know I’m still a work in progress.  I have plenty of work to do before I complete my most desired goals.   The real lesson in this week is perfectly inline with the first of the series I’ve developed.  It reminds me of something I was told a long time ago, “No matter where you are, your right where you’re supposed to be.”

Even with my lack of focus, and not staying active with my journal.  What was not lacking was my Hope and that Hope is what is keeping me moving towards my goals.  I’m able to look back on this week and see, that I never wavered from my intention.  I may not have stayed focused on the specific task.  But, I did stay positive in my attitude.  I may have struggled to create, but I did manage to consume the information I needed to help me move forward.

There is still a lot of work to do to complete my series and build the new JnP site.  I have a long ways to go.  Not only am I working towards, “finding my authentic voice.”  I still have a full-time job, a family and my recovery to balance out.  I have to remember not to tear myself down if I get off track.  I need to look at what I’m doing and see if maybe I need to change when or how I do something.  My daily routine is in a period of development, not final stages.

So many inspirational, “Build your future” books, sites and seminars talk about setting clear and concise goals, and they’re importance.  That is where our Hope is formed, in the images of where we want to go.  The possibilities of how things could be or better yet will be different.  As long as we support an attitude of Hope, we can keep up our momentum towards our goal, regardless of how often we may wonder off course.  “Change begins with Hope!”

“Always Aspire to inspire, before we expire!”

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